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CMCC 1550

Intravenous Oxygen

Inventors: John Kheir, Mark Borden, Francis McGowan

Categories: Therapeutics

SubCategories: Cardiovascular/Cardiology, Neonatology/Pediatric

Keywords: Patient Care

Invention Description:

Dr. John Kheir and colleagues have developed a platform technology that packages oxygen in microbubbles for direct delivery via injection to blood and tissues. This technology is platform in nature and could revolutionize the practice of critical care medicine. An early and promising application is in treatment of patients who have undergone a myocardial infarction and experience cardiac arrest. The ability to keep blood oxygenated for even a short period of time under cardiac arrest circumstances or other circumstances in which a patient is unable to breathe or has no blood flow can prevent the tissue damage, including brain damage, that results from lack of oxygen.


Critial care; hypoxia of any cause:
Cardiac arrest
Lung injury, lung disease
Airway obstruction
Traumatic brain injury
Birth asphyxia

Competitive Advantages:

There is currently no way to oxygenate blood via injection. Particularly for cardiac arrest, current methods all depend on circulating blood. This technology has the potential to deliver oxygen to the deoxygenated heart tissue quickly and directly, providing it with essential metabolic energy.

Business Opportunity:

Platform technology could be the basis for a start-up company. This technology could potentially be deployed in every ambulance, every operating room and every emergency room, and represents a large market opportunity.

IPStatus: Pat. Pend.

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